We help our clients build equity into
organizations, systems, and communities
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At C2K, planning is doing. We meaningfully engage communities and improve mutual understanding among diverse stakeholders to build buy-in. From there, we develop a strategic plan and support its implementation.

Project management


We facilitate interagency collaboration from building a common agenda and effective teams, to formalizing and scaling projects. We are especially interested in initiatives that partner with clients and communities.

Co-design workshops


We start by defining a design challenge and creating a space where both staff and community members feel comfortable working together. We then translate their work into concrete results, like communication products and service design.



Training for front-line staff that is learner-centred and available on demand. Current topics include serving trans and non-binary clients and front-line leadership. A portion of every sale goes to support local by and for initiatives.

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Connect2Knowledge is founded on the belief that not-for-profits can influence systems towards complex equity goals like inclusive communities, wellness, and affordable quality housing. We support this work by maximizing interagency collaboration and client-provider partnerships. Our work is guided by three principles.

 1. Collective responsibility starts at home

 2. Connection builds community

 3. Try. Fail. Learn. Repeat

Meet our Team


Natalie Duchesne, Proprietor


Twitter @connect2natalie