Our Team

At Connect2Knowledge our team members are essential in bringing our vision to life.

Natalie Headshot

Natalie Duchesne Ph.D.


Owner and General Manager

Natalie is a highly adaptable and values-oriented professional who has been working with not-for-profits for over a decade. She is passionate about all things equity and founded C2K with the humble hope of contributing to a better world. When she's not serving clients or teaching gender studies, you will find her enjoying the outdoors.

Christine Headshot

Christine Chesser


Project and Admin Coordinator

Christine is a veteran administrator, entrepreneur, and artist that has focused on maintaining financial and organizational excellence in the non profit sector. As the project and admin coordinator at C2K she is responsible for client experience, success and optimizing the management of client projects. She is a strong advocate for de-stigmatization around mental health issues.

Dalton Headshot

Dalton Mooring


Project Coordinator

As a project coordinator, Dalton contributes to a wide variety of projects. Some of their ongoing responsiblities include managing C2K's website and social media, as well as contributing to C2K Learn's Serving Trans and Non-Binary Clients course. They are currently pursuing degrees in music and physics at the University of Ottawa. Dalton is passionate about advocating for queer and trans communities, in particular marginalized and racialized people, in a respectful and responsible way.


Danielle Rae


Project Coordinator

Danielle Rae is Project Coordinator for C2K's Serving Trans and Non-Binary Clients course. She is an MA student of political science at McGill University, having done her Bachelor's in political science and philosophy at uOttawa. She enjoys writing short stories, making games, and frequenting Ottawa's many Shawarma joints.